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Dr. Amari enthusiastically draws and paints mankind, displaying them as loving and happy children, laughing, singing and dancing through life.

As the Love Bird watches quietly, compellingly, from it's position of veiled dominance,
the Dove of Peace shouts it's message to all who are receptive.
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Dr. Amari's artwork reflects an expressionistic style, influenced by the work of Irma Stern who pioneered expressionism in South Africa.

Amari's work is characterized by a spontaneity which lends an almost child like naivety to her drawings and paintings. She has a passion for South Africa and it's colourful people and her art reflects the idyllic life, normally associated with the unsophisticated lifestyle of a people unbounded by the pressures of civilization.

This search for mankindís inner-self, the mannerisms, thoughts, elation, heartache, doubts, hope and faith are celebrated in the flamboyant colours and energetic lines reflected in her portraits.

At times, her work is identified by a characteristic mistiness and at times her paintings create their own reality.

As a result of her studies and her passion for South Africa and itís diverse peoples, Amari's empathy with her subjects and her own, often expressionistic approach to life, results in her art and personal life being inexorably intertwined. This highly complex, sometimes eccentric approach to life reflects in Amariís paintings, hidden at times within the bold lines and exhilarating colours so typical of her work.

Within her research-influenced expressionistic style, the visually captivating elements are a hint to Amariís continued exploration of the relationship between self and the external world and ultimately, to celebrate this journey on canvas. She is continually striving to free the perception of the visual arts from the threat of underlying rigidity and authoritarianism.

Dr. Amariís masterful approach to technique and visual composition is complimented by her creative magic, revolving around the integration of contrasts within the greater perspective, resulting in the beauty and authenticity of her work. Expression is contained within the arrangement of the elements in her paintings, the composition is the art of showing her own emotions by presenting the elements at her disposal in a decorative, thought-provoking fashion.

The emotions experienced by Amari during the creation of each painting is manifest by her decisive rendering of colour, form, rhythm and balance. A conscience of creative renewal is formed, very similar to that found in literature and music. Influenced by the perception of the viewer, within the context of the paintings content, imagination becomes reality.

To Amari, as expressionistic artist, the meaning of the painting does not depend solely on the design but is subjective to the manipulation of the medium, the carrier where symbolism becomes itís own reality. The use of lines becomes autonomous and are not used merely to represent a single element. Along with colour, form and position, lines within the painting carry their own importance. It is therefore found that Dr. Amariís portraiture is elevated to a psychological level where her portraits and self-studies lend stature to the inner emotions and personality reflected in her art.

Amari is adamant that her paintings are merely stories, stories about life and love, the emotional interaction of rejection and hope, desperation and faith, with the hint of humour, the lovebird and the dove of peace, ever-present. With a personal attachment to each and every creation her paintings are a journey into the soul of Africa with all itís diversity, hopes and expectationsÖ. and donít forget the humour.
















NOTE:- These paintings were photographed in the studios of "Call of the Wild photography" and no image enhancing techniques have been applied.  Due to colour variations of computer monitors there are no guarantees that the colours you see on screen are accurate.  email the gallery at IGOLI@RIVERCASTLE.CO.ZA