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Dr. Amari enthusiastically draws and paints mankind, displaying them as loving and happy children, laughing, singing and dancing through life.

    "Dr. Amari's work is a precious gift to the history of our rainbow nation."   
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AMARI.... a Cabaret on Canvas 
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Dr. Amari's paintings are nothing less than a range of cabarets on canvas. The same as in music, her work tells the stories of ordinary people and their experience of life. The modern style reminds strongly of the "off-beat" character of Jazz and Blues.

Born in South Africa in 1939, she matriculated at the Middelburg High School (Tvl) with fine arts as an examination subject. Thereafter she follows a fine arts specialization course at the Potchefstroom Teachers Training College. She commenced her career as a teacher and was eventually seconded to Sebokeng and Sharpville Teachers Training College - where she taught Art & Culture for 18 and a half years. For her D. Phill studies the objective was to give some perspective on cultural (lifestyle of the people in S.A.) growth of the factors which influenced the development of the human race. She obtained her "Philosophioae Doctor" (D. Phill) in 1998.

As a cultural historian, Dr. Amari lives her life researching the lifestyle norms and values of South Africa's rainbow nation - she uses her research in her paintings. Through her research, career and everyday life, she makes contact with various cultures, people and places. These experiences reflect positively in her paintings.

Since she can't separate her personal life from her art, this passion for South Africa's colourful people and their thoughts, way of doing, joy, heartbreaks, doubts, hope, and faith is manifested in sensitive works of art. Easily bored Dr. Amari constantly seeks new cultural experiences, enjoying it in a childlike manner. Her character is further displayed in the strong, clearly impulsive lines and bright colours. Her habit of softly-lovingly jesting with her own and others weaknesses also runs through as a definite sub-theme.

Her work can never be described as depressive and she feels that even though the situation in S.A can sometimes be negative, her art on the other hand must provide strength and wholeness. She enthusiastically draws and paints mankind, displaying them as loving and happy children, laughing, singing and dancing through life. Tragic expressions can only be found here and there resulting from social pressure etc. However, faith and hope are always the main theme. By getting their visual attention, Dr. Amari ensures that her audience receives this message. Her paintings, being the end product of her amazing ability to concentrate and observe, show her strong feeling for texture, balance, line, tone, depth and colour. Sometimes her work is expressionistic and sometimes impressionistic.

















NOTE:- These paintings were photographed in the studios of "Call of the Wild photography" and no image enhancing techniques have been applied.  Due to colour variations of computer monitors there are no guarantees that the colours you see on screen are accurate.  email the gallery at IGOLI@RIVERCASTLE.CO.ZA